An interview with the Creators of the Solar System

As part of the run up to the Millennium celebrations 3 staff members from the University of York РPeter Thompson, Dave Coulthard and Willi Hoedman Рdecided to design and build a scale model of the Solar System. The scale Р575,872,239 to 1 Рwas defined by the length of the traffic free railway path from the York by-pass to the village of Riccall with the Sun at one end and Pluto at the other. The path is now known widely as the Solar System Greenway. How this was done is described in an interview with Pete and Dave

Their next enterprise was to get the artist Peter Rogers to build the Fisher of Dreams sculpture over the Naburn Bridge over the Ouse. Later on they built one-third scale models of the Cassini and Voyager, located at Naburn Station and Riccall. How they did this is described in the second interview.

In two interviews Peter Thompson and Dave Coulthard describe the process by which the Solar System and the space probes came about.

More information, including a map of the Greenway can be found on the University website