Escrick Maze Picnic Spot

The proposed route of the East Coast Main Line diversion from Doncaster to York lay across farmland much of which was owned by Lord Wenlock of the Escrick Estate. His Lordship was invited to join the Board of the railway company and promised that , should he or his wife wish to go to London the express trains would stop for him. This privilege was not extended to ‘guests or servants’.

For pictures of the sidings before the rail diversion search the Escrick Sidings page

When Sustrans bought the path they sold the cutting to a developer on the understanding that once filled with builder’s rubble it would be landscaped and returned as a nature reserve. Thirty years on and this has yet to happen but in the meantime local volunteers maintain the 2-dimensional Maze created back in 1987



Rangers at the Maze, February 2015

Ranger volunteers at the Maze in February 2015.



Peter Thompson's design plan

Peter Thompson’s design plan for the Maze’s makeover.

The Maze after its 2007 makeover

The Maze after its 2007 makeover, based on Pete Thompson’s plan.


York Greenway volunteer makeover 2015


Network Rail volunteers making a footpath, June 2015

Network Rail volunteers working on making a footpath at the Maze from the car to the BMX track in June 2015. Creatures such as frogs, newts and bee orchids were discovered!