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YFA 6063
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Kellingley Colliery was a deep coal mine located near Selby, North Yorkshire, and officially closed in December, 2015.  The Miner’s Strike was one of the most bitter industrial disputes Britain has ever seen and affected communities across the country.  The strike ended on 3rd March, 1985 nearly a year after it began.  This short film features the workers of Kellingley Colliery as they carry their banners and return to work following the strike.

A large crowd of people walk towards the camera.  Some members carry a large banner, and there is a close up of the banner.  Spectators line the street leading to the colliery and cheer as the workers pass.  One of the banners reads, “Kellingley Colliery Yorkshire Area – Only the strong survive.”  There is also a picture of a miner on the banner.  Part of the colliery/factory can be seen in the background.

The cameraman zooms in on some of the structures of the colliery.  There is a large crowd of workers who continue to make their way back to work, and other spectators with cameras can be seen along the route.  Other members of the strike carry banners and signs making up the end of the procession, and a half full carpark can be seen at the side of the factory.

The film ends with a TV news report of the day’s events which is filmed on the television as it is being broadcast.

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