Bishopthorpe Proposed Route 1846

This item was located in the Bishopthorpe archive and at the moment we know little of its context or origin. Any insights welcome.

The trajectory of the proposed route suggest it would have taken the line directly into the centre of York rather than to Challoners Whin, as later transpired.

We know that the first proposal for this route in the 1830s was rejected in no small part due to objections from the Archbiship of York whose palace lies at the far end of Chuch Lane /(Back Lane. The revised route which was more acceptable passes much further from the palace and is further from the village centre and Palace.

There has never, despite occasional requests to the railway company, been a station at Bishopthorpe.

See also “A station for Bishopthorpe” for an account of efforts over time to get a station built.

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