Depot at Derwent Valley Light Railway (DVLR)

This building is mentioned in an interview with Steve Masterman. Cattle would be driven to Copmanthorpe station (Naburn station, though closer, was on the other side of the river from their farm) and then taken round past the Rowntree factory to the depot at the junction with the DVLR. From here the cattle would be driven to the market and if not sold driven back for transporting to Selby for their market.

In his interview Steve recounts his father’s stories of the cattle being transported on to Selby past the farm from which they had started their journey a couple of days earlier. As they past the farm, the cows in the field next to the track would run to the fence and call out to their friends and family in the trucks.

The original depot building is now part of a car wash facility. In this Google Maps image the buildings is the rectangular building just below the red pin.

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