From Steam to Diesel Locomotives – Rail photos around Selby


These photographs are taken from Selby: The Past in Pictures: A Pictorial History: Part 2. Available from Abbots Staithe Museum in Selby.

Gresley Pacific A4

Gresley Pacific A4, which carried slow goods.



67286 "Drax Flyer", c. 1960s

67286 “Drax Flyer” in Selby (c. 1960s).


No 55005 at Selby Station, 1964

No 55005 Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire at Selby Station (1964). 


Class 20 at Selby Station, 1968

Class 20 at Selby Station (1968). 


Transpennine at Selby West, 1962

Transpennine at Selby West (1962).


Class 20, Sand Hill-Lane Crossing, 1965

Class 20 by the Sand-Hill Lane Crossing (1965).


Class 55 Deltic "Pinza", 1964

Classic 55 Deltic “Pinza” at Selby (1964). 


Kings Own Light Infantry No 55992

Kings Own Light Infantry No 55992 (Built 1961-1962).


Sir Nigel Gresley, 1984

Sir Nigel Gresley (1984). 


Duchess of Hamiltnon passing through Selby West Box, 1970s

Duchess of Hamilton going through Selby West Box (1970s). 


Selby West Box, 1961

Selby West Box (1961). 

Photos from Selby: The Past in Pictures: A Pictorial History: Part 2.

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