Interview – Ian Steel, Mining Engineer

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Ian’s father had been injured and was set against Ian going down the mine so Ian initially trained as a welder. Before long, with family responsibilities Ian realised he could earn more down the pit and signed up agianst his father’s wishes. He worked at North Gawber Colliery from1979 until it closed in 1986 when he moved to Royston Lift which closed soon after in 1988. He then went into the private sector, working for Cementation at the various Selby pits where he was ‘blown away’ by the scale of things. With cementation he had the opportunity to work on numerous major projects and not only in the mining industry. He ended his career back in mining at Maltby colliery where he was joined by a number of men from Selby as it too was wound down.

He has worked at Caphouse for 5 years

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