Interview with Trevor Chalkley – Selby Miner

Trevor Chalkley now works as a guide at Caphouse Colliery, the home of the National Coal Mining Museum for England after over 40 years in the industry. He started at Sharlston pit despite opposition from his parents and by 26 years old was a pit overman. He worked at a number of pits, sometimes for the Coal Board sometimes as a contractor until the closure of Kellingley.

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Here heĀ  talks about his career including time spent opening up pits in New Zealand, working as a contractor. He was an official during the 1984 strike, keeping the pits in good condition so there would be something to go back to when the strike ended.

He talks about the excellent training and career development afforded by the Coal Board and the level of skill and ingenuity of the fitters.

He also talks about the dereliction left behind as the pits closed and the importance to him of a supportive wife and family.

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