Locomotives around York (documentary film awaiting permission for YFA)

This is a film available at the Yorkshire Film Archive depicts a day at the National Railway Museum, and was made by the Rev. David Simpson.

The film shows the names of the ‘locomotive nameplates’ including The Red Dragon, The Mayflower, Cornish Riviera Express and The Inner-City. We see ‘The Evening Star’ standing on the platform outside of the National Railway Museum as well as railway enthusiasts looking on taking photographs. ‘The Evening Star’ was completed in 1960, the 999th locomotive in the British Railways Standard.  Once the film moves inside of the museum we are shown some of the old railway carriages, and exhibits. As well as trains like the Green Arrow, which was built in 1936 for the LNER.

The film then moves to York Station, looking at the trains passing through as well as highlighting the contrast between new and old when it shows the inside of some new railway carriage. The film ends with a shot of the Mallard, a Pacific steam locomotive built-in 1938.

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