Monthly Wildlife Surveys 2022-23

Starting in Autumn 2022, two 3rd-year Biology students from the University of York are undertaking monthly surveys of wildflowers along the Solar System Greenway. They talk about their project here.

They have so far recorded and photographee 44 species of wildflower along the path, an increase of 100% over a survey undertaken in 1986, no long after the path was created. Wildflowers are an importnat element in promoting biodiversity and will help to combat the reduction in the number of pollinators.

A grant from the Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail has enabled us to reproduce a selection of these photographs on instagram, on display boards and in leaflet form. These will appear along the path and in local venues over the coming months.

Go to Instagram and search for York Greenways to see many of these photos together with other apsects of York Greenways activities.

Here is a link to the complete lsit of photos with explanatory text.

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