Selby Coalfield Timeline

Some important dates associated with the Selby Coalfied:

May 1972: An National Coal Board Regional geologist presents his paper on the coal reserves located in Selby to the Midland Institute of Mining Engineers.

June 1973: Additional borehole provings announced for Selby.

August 1973: seismic exploration of coal reserves announced.

January 1974: Northernmost proving at Barnsley Seam is confirmed at Naburn.

August 1974: submit planning application in order to undertake work on the Barnsley Seam of the coalfield.

November 1974: the previously submitted planning application is “called in” by the Secretary of State for the Environment.

April 1976: permission is granted for planning.

October 1976: the project is inaugurated by the Duchess of Kent at Wistow (see archive item)

June 1977: ground freezing begins for the first of the Wistow shafts.

August 1977: shaft sinking starts at Wistow.

March 1978: drill drivages start at Gascoigne Wood.

June 1978: shaft sinking starts at Riccall.

September 1978: shaft sinking starts at Stillingfleet.

April 1979: the Wistow shaft is reached at the Barnsley Seam.

July 1979: shaft sinking starts at North Selby.

February 1980: shaft sinking starts at Whitemoor.

May 1983: the Wistow mine begins production.

July 1983: production at Wistow is interrupted by weight and water.

June 1984: the Stillingfleet shafts and surface are completed.

March 1985: the Riccall shafts and surface are completed.

June 1985: single entry working started at the Wistow site.

November 1985: the surface at Gascoigne Wood is completed.

November 1986: At Wistow, 50,000 tons are exceeded in the span of a week; Whitemoor and Riccall connect underground.

March 1987: Stillingfleet connected to the South spine tunnel at Gascoigne Wood, with the goal being improved ventilation.


References from Selby: The Past in Pictures: A Pictorial History: Part 2 and from the Northern Mine Research Society’s website.

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Selby: The Past in Pictures: A Pictorial History: Part 2 and from the Northern Mine Research Society's website.
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