The Role of York Greenways in Managing the National Cycle Network around York

This is a sound file based on a paper prepared to help define the different roles of Sustrans and York Greenways in the maintenance and management of the Greenways around York.

It is based on the following paper presented to York Greenways AGM January 23rd 2019

Why York Greenways?

Sustrans and York Greenways share a vision of the National Cycle Network and to a large extent share volunteers. So what is the justification for the existence of York Greenways?

  • Sustrans does not all the land over which the National cycle network passes. Financial constraints mean that Sustrans is no longer able to undertake work on sections of the path they do not own. York Greenways can sometimes help to cover these gaps.
  • Sustrans is a national and /or regional organisation. York Greenways is often best placed to identify opportunities and potential partners
  • as a small local volunteer organisation, York Greenways can often respond more quickly and flexibly to issues as they arise
  • continuity – sometimes Sustrans project funding dries up. York Greenways may be able to step in to keep such activities going.
  • funding – smaller local bodies tend to get access to different funding streams from larger national charities. York Greenways can sometimes supplement available resources.
  • Sustrans is responsible for 16,000 miles of the Network. York Greenways focuses on greenways in around York. Our priorities not always identical
  • following the National Cycle Network review it appears likely that Sustrans will concentrate more on maintenance and improvements to the infrastructure. York Greenways will continue to focus on ‘soft’ projects
  • York Greenways has a less onerous system for recruiting volunteers which is open to those who may not wish a formal commitment

York Greenways will continue to support Sustrans led projects and activities in cooperation with Sustrans staff based on regular planning meetings needing to ongoing management plans with complementary activities identified

  • we will continue to include tasks from management plans in partnership with other voluntary groups such as York Cares and Good Gym
  • As well as work undertaken as Sustrans Rangers, York Greenways will support Sustrans activities when requested with volunteer labour and tools.. However our own initiatives will focus on those sections of the network not belonging to Sustrans so that a consistent standard can be maintained wherever possible.
  • any York greenways activity on Sustrans land will be subject to permission from Sustrans land manager. Any activities will be in accordance with Sustrqns Risk Assessments.

What’s next for York Greenways?

  • The Railway to Greenway project will end at the end of the summer but maintenance of the website and interpretations boards will be ongoing, and we will seek funding to continue aspects of the project
  • We are involved in the improvements to the path from Askham Bar to the Sun in partnership with the City Council
  • We will support Sustrans in pursuing the Highways Agency to repair Tree Root Damage alongside the A64
  • We will continue to negotiate the establishment of the Nature Reserve at Escrick Sidings as originally envisaged in 1985
  • Decade