Yorkshire Rivers, The Ouse No.5 with Birds Eye View of the River and Roads Adjoining, Tom Bradley

This 1891 book – “The Ouse” by Tom Bradley – provides a wonderful insight into the Ouse and the area surrounding it. Inside the front cover is an incredibly detailed birds eye map which folds out to provide the length of the river from its mouth at the Rivers Ure and Swale to the Rivers Trent and Humber. The book gives an overview of the importance of the river to the history not only of York but of the country, such as highlighting the account of Geoffrey of Monmouth which describes the fleet of Trojan galleys led by their prince Ebrancus and as such traditionally reputed to have founded the city in b.c. 980. The river has been navigable from the earliest records, resulting in the prominence of York as the dominant city in the North, especially under Roman rule. Bradley continues to outline various points of interest along the Ouse, such as the importance of Naburn Lock, the town of Selby as well as accounts of notable villages along the Ouse such as Bishopthorpe, Cawood, Knedlinton and Barmby, among others.

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