Archive items held at Barbara Suffield Collection

Reference: SUF 15/

Extent and Medium:
1 archival box containing:
43 photographs
55 items of memorabilia/ephemera
02 Letters and notes from Barbara Suffield

Football Teams from the Mining Villages

Communities developed around the coalfields — pictured are two football teams, which is just one example of the various social…

Route Diagram of the Cycle Route

Rangers’ Badges

To ensure the upkeep of the cycle path, voluntary rangers were appointed to ensure the path was kept clear and…

Cycle Route Project Newsletter 2nd Edition

This is the second Newsletter that was released in relation to the creation of the cycle path and shows the…

Cycle Route Project Newsletter

This is the first ever newsletter in regard to the York to Selby Railway Path and Cycle Route Project, dated…

Creation of the Cycle Route Article

The map and information which is seen below is from May 1984 and shows the current cycle route. The information…

Unused information chart to be used to gather statistics relating to pedestrians and cyclists

More detailed plan of York to Selby Path and Cycle Route

Plan of York to Selby Path and Cycle Route (24 kms) A3

Bishopthorpe Open Day Information leaflet produced by Sustrans

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