Naburn Kids Club

This year, from March to August, we worked with the Naburn Kids Club to give local children the opportunity to experience the natural world through activities and games.

Naburn Kids Club

At Naburn School we built bird boxes, tried the classic wildlife game of ‘bird song bingo’, participated in pebble painting artwork sessions and made ‘racing bats’ from cardboard tubes, string and our imagination!

Naburn Kids Club Naburn Kids Club

We also ventured to the local Forest Schools area, where we went on mini-beast safaris, had a go at stream dipping to find aquatic creations and analysed a wildlife crime scene during a Nature Detectives challenge.

Naburn Kids Club

A big thank you to all the enthusiastic children who took part, and to Naburn Kids Club staff for making these sessions possible. Please enjoy these photographs of our adventures!


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Photos by Naburn Kids Club and Phil Taylor