Nesting Boxes and Dawn Chorus Walk

Helping to solve the housing problem on Route 65 York to Selby.

Thanks to Sustrans’ Greener Greenway project, 30 people of all ages, with differing abilities and in all sorts of weather! are contributing to the addition of nesting boxes for the wildlife along the Route 65 Solar System Way. 30 nesting boxes have been through the planning stage and are currently in development. The aim is to encourage wildlife to not only visit the track, but to set up home there and stay.

30 people have supported the building and decoration of the nesting boxes and have signed them with their names, so that they can monitor and maintain them for many years to come.

A house warming welcome party is taking place on the 21st April with a dawn chorus walk:

Solar System Way Dawn Chorus Walk Saturday 21st April

Description: Join Sustrans’ Andy Chapman for a dawn chorus walk on the Solar System Way (York-Selby NCN 65) to discover the range of birds you can spot on this wonderful stretch of greenway. Andy has 20 years’ experience volunteering and leading walks with the RSPB and an excellent knowledge of the local area.

Time: 5:30am – 8:00am

Route:  River Ouse bridge to the South of Naburn and back (about 2 miles)

Location: Meet at River Ouse bridge on the Solar System Way (Follow link below)

Equipment: Be sure to wear warm waterproof clothing and suitable footwear. Binoculars and bird identification guides would also be useful but are not essential.

Other Information: We encourage those attending to arrive on foot or by bike. If you have any questions or would like to attend, contact me at