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Map of Riccall – 1889

  Copyright: The Francis Firth Collection

Map of Bishopthorpe – 1898

  Copyright: The Francis Firth Collection

Map of Bishopthorpe – 1948

  Copyright: The Francis Firth Collection

Map of Escrick – 1947

  Copyright: The Francis Firth Collection

Map of Barlby – 1903

  Copyright: The Francis Frith Collection

Map of Bishopthorpe – 1890

This is an ordinance survey map of Bishopthorpe village from 1890, which shows the North Eastern Rail line running through…

Boyhood Memories of the Track at Bishopthorpe

Tim lived in Bishopthorpe as a young lad and still lives there today, using the path on a daily basis.…

Gascoigne Wood Drift Site – WS Atkins Project Plan

A “coffee table” publication by WS Atkins – main contractor for the Gascoigne Wood Drift mine site. Coal was  transported…

Report on the Architectural Design of the Selby Shaft Sites

A ‘ coffee table” publication dated May 1979 by architects Fletcher Ross & Hickling for the NCB North Yorks Area.…

The Need for Tactical Exploration of the Selby Coalfield, North Yorkshire

An item describing the need for exploration at the Selby coalfield in North Yorkshire.

North Eastern Railway: York, Selby and Doncaster line

This is an item about the North Eastern Railway on the York, Selby and Doncaster line. At some point we…

Diversion of the East Coast Mainline at Selby Coalfield

This is a file of the diversion at the east coast mainline at Selby Coalfield. It is currently held at…

Selby Coalfield: Development Implications for British Rail

An open document on the Selby coalfield’s development implications for the British Rail from 1974-1976. This document is held at…

Selby Mines 2018 – North Selby, Riccall, Stillingfleet, Wistow, Whitemoor and Gascoigne Wood

All the coal extracted from the Selby coalfield was taken out via the Gascoigne Wood railhead. A number of access…

Railway Land Plans and Sections, 1863-1864, York and Doncaster

Original land plans and sections created in 1863 to 1864 by the railway company surveyor for the proposed line from…

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